Our Churches continue to support local Foodbanks.
Jubilee Foodbank Market Harborough
You can drop off donations at Hallaton Church or to
Linda Jones at 25, Eastgate, Hallaton at any time
View their website for Most needed items

St Morrell of Angers was made Bishop in AD423 so 2023 will be the 1,600th anniversary of his ordination.
A number of events have been planned with the first event being an official opening of St Morrell’s Round
this September, two days before St Morrell’s feast day. The Bishop of Leicester, Bishop Martyn, has agreed to come to Hallaton on Sunday 11th September to inaugurate the pilgrimage.

HORNINGHOLD Church Restoration Project: SPIRE

If you buy items from AMAZON please go to our website first and click the Amazon link.
 No additional charge is made for the items purchased but Spire will receive up to 4% in commission on the sale. All the commission goes towards the church restoration project. 
SPIRE HIRE: Garden Pavilion 6M x 3M for £10SPIRE HIRE: Cutlery set [100] for £4
Call Katie Holmes on 555 664

Used Stamps

Please don’t throw away stamps on letters that you have received. Save them! 
The Mothers’ Union collects them 
and from their sale they support projects of world wide benefit.
Contact Carol Johnson 0116 2598216 or any MU member

You can buy really interesting mint stamps for postage at no extra cost but with the benefit of supporting the work of the episcopal churches in Sudan and South Sudan. 

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