The Hallaton Group Branch of the Mothers' Union

Members of the Mother Union responded magnificently to an appeal for items for 15 Afghan families currently housed in the Stamford Area. A carload of the requested items (which included toiletries, clothing, colouring books for children) was delivered. The gifts included two brand new Moses baskets complete with bedding and baby layettes which were given to one member by a kind couple who had purchased these items
specifically for Afghan refugees. The refugees were all associated with the British Embassy in Kabul and had left with only one small bag each.
Our next meeting (Covid guidelines permitting) will be held on Tuesday 12th October at 7.30pm at the home of Madeleine Wang , Briery Leys, Main Street, Tugby (LE7 9WD)
The theme of the evening is 'Hobbies' when everyone is invited to bring along, talk about and listen to each others hobbies and interests.

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Used stamps
The Mothers' Union collects used stamps
Please contact Carol Johnson (0116 2598216) or a MU member 
The sale of used stamps raises funds for the Mothers' Union
to support projects of world wide benefit

Did you know ?

that members of the Mothers' Union in our diocese:
*support asylum seekers at the Welcome Project
*provide women's toiletries, and clothing for women and children
fleeing from domestic abuse and living in safe houses
*knit clothing for premature babies and fiddle blankets for those with dementia and Alzheimers
*provide help in the coffee bar 'Visits Centres' in Leicester and Gartree prisons and lots more besides.