The Hallaton Group Branch of the Mothers' Union

Mothers' Union:
Our next meeting will be on Saturday 7th August with a visit to Launde Abbey,
followed by an afternoon cream tea. Details from Carol, tel. 01162598216.

Visit the MU on-line shop

Used stamps
The Mothers' Union collects used stamps
Please contact Carol Johnson (0116 2598216) or a MU member 
The sale of used stamps raises funds for the Mothers' Union
to support projects of world wide benefit

Did you know ?

that members of the Mothers' Union in our diocese:
*support asylum seekers at the Welcome Project
*provide women's toiletries, and clothing for women and children
fleeing from domestic abuse and living in safe houses
*knit clothing for premature babies and fiddle blankets for those with dementia and Alzheimers
*provide help in the coffee bar 'Visits Centres' in Leicester and Gartree prisons and lots more besides.

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