Website Links

The following website links may be of interest. They all open in a new window.

Launde Deanery Minster Community Website

What have Minster Communities got to do with mission? 
(YouTube video)

Tugby Together FaceBook Page

Launde Abbey Website

Leicester Diocesan Website

Allexton St Peter C of E information

Allexton St Peter Conservation Trust Page

A Church Near You Website

Horninghold Spire Website

If you buy books, CDs, DVDs, Electrical items from AMAZON,
please do so via the Horninghold Spire Project website using the link below.
 Then click the Amazon link.
Spire will automatically receive up to 4% in commission on everything you spend.
This commission goes towards the Horninghold church restoration project.

There are two Church of England Primary Schools within our benefice
Click the links below to visit their respective websites

Hallaton              Tugby