In Person Services

 Occasional Offices: 
For enquires about Baptism, Confirmation or Weddings please use the 'Contact Us' page

Our service times are listed below

Services & Events 2024

Sunday 16th June – Trinity 3
11am Tugby Holy Communion (Revd Jayne Lewis)
11am Launde Parishes Zoom Service

Tuesday 18th June
2pm St Peter’s Allexton Funeral Service and Burial
Ceremony of Dr Richard Whiteley

Sunday 23rd June – Trinity 4
10am Tugby Morning Praise – Café Style (Congregation led)
10.30am Horninghold Pets and Prosecco (Revd David Palmer)
11am Launde Parishes Zoom Service
4pm Hallaton Teatime Service (Revd Jonathan Dowman)

Sunday 30th June – Trinity 5
11am Hallaton Launde Deanery and Minster Community Service


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